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Fitness is such a daunting lifestyle to get into, but it changes your life once you do. We have been in the fitness industry for over seven years, coaching classes and individuals. The one thing we found is there is not enough quality information out there. 
Between fad diets and buying overpriced personal training, the only person benefiting are the ones selling you the product. 

We wanted to create a community that fostered quality information and served our clients. We don't want you to be the product; we want you to succeed in your fitness goals. 


Monthly Plans

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Nutrition Plans

If you already have fitness down, but you want to start making the right changes to your eating habits then this is the best bang for your buck out there. Get a personalized plan for you, and a trainer dedicated to making adjustments for you. These plans are expertly handled and we promise not to lead you astray with some fad diet.

One-on-One Fitness Plan

Get the most out of your fitness with the help of your own customized plan. The plan includes a customized list of workout and a trainer that will reach out to you weekly to make adjustments as needed.


Unyielding Fitness has changed everything I know and understand about the fitness industry. My life changed for the better and I love the trainer they assigned to me!

Stacy W.

I was skeptical at first, but after trying out one of the templates for 2 months I saw improvements I didn't think were possible.

James F.

I feel better than ever and I have Unyielding Fitness to thank for it! Even when I was discouraged Coach Gabe's weekly check-ins were exactly what I needed.

Robin K.


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