Five Quick Cheap and Easy Keto Snacks


My favorite of the five Keto Snacks is Jerky. Jerky is probably the best snack that you can eat on Keto. It’s easily portable, it lasts a long time, and it’s super tasty. I keep a pack in my car in case I am running late. While jerky can be a great snack remember to read the nutrition facts on the back before buying. I bought a pack that had 8g of carbs per serving and I was in shock. Try to get the original jerky if possible and if not just make sure you don’t eat so much that it knocks you out of ketosis.

String Cheese

String cheese definitely is not as portable as jerky, but it is easy to pack in a lunch box or grab before you leave the house. String cheese has a great number of fats and protein to keep your body fueled throughout the day and help satiate you until your next meal.


Really any deli meat will work on Keto. They are high fat and moderate protein and they are just really tastsy. Pepperoni can be eaten by itself of even in a cheese roll up for something a little extra. I would suggest increasing your water intake if you plan on eating a lot of pepperoni as it is high in sodium.


Most nuts will work. The main nut to ingest on keto is macadamia nuts, but almonds are my personal go to. Peanuts and cashews are worth staying away from as they are higher in carbs. Make sure you read the nutrition facts and stay under your carbohydrate goal.


Bacon is easily my favorite snack. I eat both turkey bacon and pork and it is so easy to fit it into my daily routine. Bacon is also a little high in sodium, so drink plenty of water. If I am out of time I get the microwaveable packs of bacon and just snack on that, it has been a huge game changer.

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