Functional Fitness Plan

Functional Fitness Plan

Functional Fitness, Cross training, High intensity interval, you may have heard of one of these terms before. If you have then you already know that this program is for you. It is a well-rounded five-day program that allows you to test your metabolic conditioning and strength each training day. This program was built around the average athlete that is trying to advance to the next level of functional fitness. Think of this as one of the steppingstones to obtaining your black belt.


This program allows you fluidity in your training to keep a consistent balance of training and improvement. One of the biggest flaws in functional fitness programming is you rarely get to revisit some key movements. The benefit of a template for this is that you will revisit these movements and workouts at a minimum of twice if you repeat it. You can see your results in real time without having to check your app to see what your time was on the same workout 2 years ago.


Our goal for creating this program was to observe improvements as they happen. We all start out functional fitness with the desire to Snatch 225 and do 20 unbroken muscle ups, but how do you get to that point. This program was a steppingstone to see where you need to improve without the need for taking a break to focus on one aspect of your functional fitness.

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