Olympic Weightlifting

Olympic Weightlifting

If you want to increase power and strength, then you came to the right place. Olympic Weightlifting is one of the most difficult but rewarding of the barbell sports. If you are a beginner lifter then I recommend trying out our Powerlifting template before you try your hand at Weightlifting.


This 3-day 4 week program was created to be as repeatable as possible and the main focus was the athlete. We wanted to create a program that would yield results every month no matter how often you repeat it. This program specifically is good for those that want a well balanced olympic weightlifting program to slowly increase skill level and strength gains without having to live in the gym. As an aside we have seen good results from individuals that supplement their current athletic training with this program as well.


Just like our powerlifting program if you don't see any results by the end of the program then we will refund your money with no hassle. We want you to be fulfilled and satisfied.

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